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bouavon vongpanya

My journey as a floral designer began as a teenager, exploring different corsage and boutonniere designs for school dances and freelancing for a floral designer specializing in wedding flowers. I followed my desire to teach in college and found myself in the field of Early Education. Although I loved my career, I loved being a mom. The responsibilities of motherhood shifted my desire to teach and opened my heart to my first true love, utilizing my creativity.  


My passion for art and design led to the birth of Tangled Lotus, a floral design company specializing in wedding flowers and events. As a floral designer, I understand the importance of guiding my clients through the process of choosing the right blooms and foliage for their wedding or event. My responsibility as a designer is bringing my client's floral vision to life. 


I continue to be mindful about local products and I strive to utilize seasonal products from local vendors in order to obtain the freshest flowers/foliage. I also strive to give back to the community. I occasionally teach floral classes at my children's elementary school and donate unused flowers to local hospitals and charities.  


When I am not designing, I'm designing. I can never shy away from experimenting with colors, shapes, and textures.


I spend my free time strolling the beaches and hiking the trails with my family, finding inspiration from my natural surroundings. I find joy in being creative in the kitchen too, cooking and baking. An occasional night out is always fun. I look forward to discussing flowers with you!





Photo by Michelle Ramirez Photography

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